Doors – Picture Series


The Doors – Picture Series (Finnish: Ovi-korttisarja) is an uncaptioned picture series that attracts its users with a special door symbol. The door itself is an everyday object, and we do not necessarily give attention to its presence in our lives. In the Doors – Picture Series the heart of the work arises from the familiarity and diversity of the Doors. The Doors – Picture Series is particularly suited to client work with clear beginning and ending or orientation towards change. The door symbol works well in situations where the doors are opening towards something new or closing when leaving something behind.

The Doors – Picture Series is made in Finland by small enterprises. The Door Pictures, Open Doors and Door Encounters are printed on 210g cardboard and My doors on 300g cardboard. All products are packed in a cardboard box. During the whole process of producing the Doors – Picture Series we consider ecological values and prevent unnecessary waste. All Doors – Picture Series products have postcard features printed at the back. You can use them as traditional postcards if you wish.

The Doors – Picture Series cards have been made to be used as they are, but you can order Door Pictures, Open Doors and Door Encounters also laminated. My Doors are a product we don’t laminate, because they are ment for modifying with all kinds of paints, glues etc. All parts of the Doors – Picture Series are Trademarked™ and copying them without permission is prohibited.

Door Pictures:

Door Pictures (Finnish: Ovi-kortit) is the backbone of the Doors – Picture Series. It includes 60 door pictures taken in different western countries. All doors are closed in this series, but the doors and their surroundings have many details and colours guiding thoughts and activating creativity. Many of the doors also have windows reflecting views and creating atmosphere. With the Door Pictures we have especially focused on getting along all kinds of doors in different colours and condition, in all times of the year and day.

Open Doors:

Open Doors (Finnish: Avoimet ovet) makes the Door Pictures more complete. It includes 20 pictures of open doors. At the Open Doors we have focused in addition to openness to make sure that the doors’ content complement the Door Pictures. This means that for example we have included more doors inside the house. At the Open Doors the view through the open door is important, but these pictures also hold much meaning in the details of the doors and their surroundings. When you buy Door Pictures and Open Doors together, the price is always lower compared with buying them separately.

Door Encounters:

Door Encounters (Finnish: Hahmo-ovet) is the newest part of this picture series. It includes 20 pictures of doors that have someone or something next to the door. In the Door Encounters we have focused on the diversity of the extras next to the door and making sure that the doors’ content complements other parts of the picture series. The extras, together with the doors and the view through the door, create encounters for the viewer to imagine. When you buy Door Pictures and Door Encounters together, the price is always lower compared with buying them separately.

My Doors:

My Doors (Finnish: Oma-ovet) appearance is totally different, but its content builds up with the same theme of Doors. My Doors includes 30 black and white door pictures, that have a duplicate in the Door Pictures. My Doors expands the accessibility of the Doors – Picture Series by adding these personal cards you can use in creating the door you want. My Doors are printed on a thicker and rougher cardboard to allow colors, paints, clues and other materials be used while working on the door. Only imagination is the limit when creating new doors with My Doors!