Ovi-kortit, malli

The Doors – Picture Series is a Finnish product, but the beginning of the series took place in Estonia in 2007. I had travelled there with my friends and we were walking up and down the Estonian streets. I started to focus my attention to the doors of the picturesque houses. The doors were facinating and there was no way to walk by them without noticing the diversity of this everyday object. The first photos I took were left in my photo archive, but the story continued. Wherever I travelled the doors got my attention and through the lens of the camera I collected all kinds of doors.

During my life photos have facinated me in many ways. I’m not a professional photographer, but within me there is a growing interest in photos’ capability to touch people and carry memories, stories, strength and seeds of creativity. During the last years I have studied these things both in theory and in practice.

In the year 2010 it was time to do my Master’s Degree in the Social Services. Then the Doors – Picture Series really got new wind under its wings. A draft version of the picture series was used in data-collection for my Masters Thesis. The Thesis is in Finnish, but the abstract is available also in English.
The Thesis can be read here: Ovi-kuvakorttisarja – asiakastyössä toimivaa korttisarjaa etsimässä

Because of its use in my Masters Thesis, the Doors – Picture Series got a new form. Apart from the scientific information the Thesis also gave feedback about the series and helped me to improve it to better meet the needs of the users. From the beginning of 2011 the Doors – Picture Series has been a commercially-available product and has now established its place as a practical tool in professionals’ toolbox. The Doors – Picture Series and its components are Trademarked™.

Over the years the Doors – Picture Series has grown. First we introduced Open Doors to make the picture series more complete. Then My Doors added the collection with black and white door pictures that you can modify the way you want. In 2020 we introduced Door Encounters that has someone or something next to the door in every picture.

What does your door look like?

Virpi Niemi
Master of Social Services
Bachelor of Crafts Leading and Recreational Activities