Doors - Picture Series
a picture series for Human Relations Professionals

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Doors - Picture Series

The Doors - Picture Series is an uncaptioned picture series for Human Relation Professionals to use for helping their clients. It consists of Doors Pictures and is complemented by Open Doors and Door Encounters. My Doors is a picture series which includes 30 black and white door pictures you can work on to make a door you want.

The Doors - Picture Series is particularly suited to client work with clear beginning and ending or orientation towards change. The Door symbol works well in situations where the doors are opening towards something new or closing when leaving something behind.

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The Doors - Picture Series has developed into a functional entity over the years

The Doors - Picture Series was launched in 2011 and has since been continually improved through feedback from customers. Due to its diversity of images, the Doors - Picture Series is easily adaptable for different customer needs.

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The Doors - Picture Series is also in Facebook

By clicking the link below, you can be part of the Door - Picture Series Facebook page. The Facebook page is available only in Finnish for now.

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Social Responsibility

As part of its ongoing commitment to Social Responsibility, each Spring the Door - Picture Series donates a percentage of its annual sales revenue to the Finland's Common Responsibility Campaign. We have been donating from 2011.

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